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Tire prices and inventory are constantly fluctuating. Therefore, there may be some variances between our website and In-Store. Please feel free to call us to confirm pricing and availability. We enjoy the convenience of the website, but always prefer to deal with our guests in person. Communicating in person allows us to actually show you the products and have two way conversation to better understand you questions and concerns. Your safety is our number one priority. Take a look at the tire widget below to find your tires and give us a call to find out more.

Best Quality Tires–Affordable Prices

Your vehicle’s tires determine how safe and comfortable your road travel will be. Utopia Tire & Service in Frisco, CO is the perfect destination for any tire sales and service. We are easy to get to from anywhere in Summit County and the surrounding areas. From Breckenridge, Keystone, Silverthorne, Dillon and Copper Mountain. Replacing your tires should be handled by our experts. Making the right tire selection and equipping your vehicle with the best brand are specialty services that we provide. We’re specialists because our team is experienced in quality tire sales, installation, and maintenance. Whatever type of vehicle you’re driving, our team can direct you to the tire that best fits your needs and your budget. Tires are meant to wear down, but your driving habits will determine how quickly the tread wears down. By using our TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) to monitor tire pressure, we’re also able to be proactive with all tire services, replacements, sales, and repairs.

Keep an eye on your tire condition and bring your vehicle to us before your safety is compromised. Many drivers wait until it’s too late to find replacement tires. Inclement weather is often the most dangerous time to drive with balding tires. Our tire sales are the best in this area. We give our customers an extensive list of options at an affordable price. Tires that enhance your car, truck, or SUV’s performance and handling are easy to find at our shop. Keep your vehicle ready for any terrain. We have an excellent inventory of tires that will carry you off-road, over the mountains, or through the city streets. A new set of tires can change your vehicle’s appearance. It’s the next best thing to buying a new car. Tires will improve your vehicle’s handling and overall performance. Choose the right tire and service shop–Utopia Tire & Service–and you’ll receive personalized care and attention. Our technicians equip your vehicle with the best tires available.

Come to the Tire Sales Experts!

We keep an inventory of the industry’s best tires for all vehicles. If you’ve experienced any tire damages like flats or punctures, we’re able to provide quick and accurate repair services for you. If tire repair is not possible, we have the perfect replacement tire for your vehicle. We’ll also help you get the most usage out of your recent tire purchase. Our top-of-the-line tire sales include some of the automotive industry’s best brands, including Michelin, BFGoodrich, Hercules Tire, and more. Give us a call today at 970-668-5686 to inquire about our wide range of tires. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by–720 Ten Mile Drive. Our Tire Pressure Monitoring System will not only ensure smoother rides but also improve fuel efficiency.